At Moving Company Boston we offer a wide range of relocation moving services to meet your every moving need. We do not differentiate between local and long distance moves and handle them with the same responsibility and care. Get a free moving quote from

Local Movers

Our local movers work to some values that I think you will appreciate as a customer and it will bring you back to our company time and time again. They believe in the following and this is what they follow

  • They take the time to understand the client’s needs and moving requests.
  • They have a strong opinion about recycling and preserving materials so you will always see them asking to take old boxes away to recycle them for you if you don’t want them.
  • They work to top safety standards so they don’t get hurt and neither do you or any members of the general public while moving items.
  • They are always attending staff training courses about new moving practices and legislation amendments so they are at the top of their game.
  • They believe in integrity and loyalty to you the customer.
  • Bringing the utter most service to you the client.
  • Always looking to represent our company in the best light, during working hours and off working hours. Our guys know we won’t put up with nonsense so they need to be professional at all times.

We ultimately wish to provide a moving service that customers will want to come back to every time they move. We want them to feel close to our moving company and think of us as decent guys that will always help them out.

Our Moving team

Our moving crew is out there 7 days a week working in rain, snow and sun. They are the essential cog in the machine that keeps everything running smoothly. They are the guys you entrust to handle all of those possessions in your home and place of work. That is why we only employ the best and every one of our team members is background checked to make sure they are who they say they are on their resumes and are of honest standing. We make sure all of our moving crew are trained and advised on the safest way to lift and use moving equipment and the best handling methods so nothing gets damaged. They will learn techniques on how to pack objects the correct way so nothing gets smashed and how to make sure everything gets logged in an inventory so nothing gets lost.

Our sales team

Our top sales and admin team will look after any questions about the logistics of the move you might have. They will sort out any paper work you need looking at for international moves and work with you to fill it out. They are always in the office and we have a shift of two teams that work from early until late so you will always be able to get someone on the phone to take your call. They want to make sure you feel confident in the move and they will put your mind at rest with any question you might have.